If after your complimentary gym orientation session you still feel like you want some more support, we can offer you additional personal training with whichever personal trainer will be the best fit for your specific personality and fitness goals. You can choose to purchase either:

         individual sessions at $50 per 1 hour session
         a bundle of five sessions at $40 a session   

Scroll down to see a list of our trainers so you can see if there's a trainer that you think would be a good fit!  


     I grew up playing team sports like basketball and hockey and loved being active. In 2016 I started kickboxing, and in 2018 I ran my first obstacle course race. I like trying new things, and challenging what my body can do, so I also understand what it feels like to be unsure, and a total beginner. 

     I’m passionate about helping others, and became interested in being a trainer to share my love of exercise, and help others start their journey or continue progressing in it. For me, exercise is so much more than just losing weight, it’s about feeling good and being able to do things you want to do. I love running obstacle course races and lead a weekly local OCR workout group. 

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      Health and fitness has always played a huge role in my life. My fitness journey began with sports. I was a competitive gymnast for 12 years. Due to a rough injury I had to quit the sport and that's when I started weightlifting. I have grown to have a passion for lifting and helping others with their own journey. I love watching people grow and develop in their own way.
      I have also studied kinesiology at Red Deer College. I excel in strength training and will help you work towards the goals you have always desired. I know what it's like starting out in the gym unsure, but I will help you to be the most confident version of yourself. The gym is my favourite part of the day and I would love to make it yours as well.

      Fun fact about me is you will never catch me skipping a leg day ;)  




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I started my fitness journey in my home of Vermilion, AB, at the age of 15. I became passionate about helping people with their fitness journey at the age of 18, and decided to pursue a post-secondary education in Kinesiology and Education. I specialize in extreme weight loss, and have coached a wide variety of clients ranging from new people starting out, experienced bodybuilders, and even mountaineers! SUCCESS THROUGH HABITS! 
11 years of experience                         ISSA certified 
Nutritionist certified      Body Composition Specialist
Kinesiologist                    4 Bodybuilding Competitions 
1 Powerlifting Meet                  CPR / First Aid Certified 


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      I've had a passion for fitness and strength conditioning since I was a competitor in high school and amateur sports since I was 14 (I was a provincial and national alternate for track and field competing in shot put, javelin and discus). I am a 25 year martial arts practitioner (goju-ryu, taekwondo, Greco and freestyle amateur wrestling), and was a 2007 Chenneys Western Canadian Open Martials Arts Full Contact Continuous Combat Champion. I am also a wrestler, announcer and host for Real Canadian Wrestling in Calgary.

      I am also an ISSA Elite Personal Trainer and bodybuilder. Fitness is a way of life for me and I live that passion every day. I love to encourage those around me to be the best that they can be and achieve personal satisfaction in their lives.   



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Whitney has been working professionally as  a personal trainer and online coach since 2012, but actually started as a client herself.  She knows what it’s like to be unsure in the gym, unsure with nutrition and unsure about how to achieve goals. She’s tried just about everything herself and can relate to not only the struggle but also the wonderful feeling of success when everything just clicks.

She started competing in 2013, has now done 8 bodybuilding shows and is a Canadian national wellness athlete. She is a glute development specialist and a strength training enthusiast with a specialty towards body recomposition through proper training programming, nutrition coaching consistency, health, straight forward feedback and positive support. She offers in person training, online coaching, contest prep and posing services to her clients.


“What fuels my fire is teaching others all the things I’ve learned and seeing the confidence that comes when people show up for themselves and achieve things they never thought they could. That and building amazing, strong glutes is my jam”.