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Feel free to drop by and try us out with a FREE TRIAL anytime we are open, but if you would like a personalized fitness consultation / gym orientation session on your first visit just fill out this form below to book! 

Perfect, we will send you a confirmation email of your appointment day/time. See you soon! 

If you want to start your free trial just come down to 4770 Riverside Drive (down the hill from Parkland Mall) anytime:

                                               Mon to Thu:       5:30am - 10pm 
                                               Friday:                  5:30am - 9pm
                                               Saturday:                9am    - 9pm 
                                               Sunday:                  10am to 6pm

If you have any questions you want answered before you come down, just call us at (403)343-6601,
or send us an email at

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