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      If you are a personal trainer and you either don't have an existing clientele or are looking to add to the number of clients you already have, Body Basics is always looking for a variety of qualified trainers for our current members! If anyone who is currently a member wants to book a personal training session, we can book them with you and the price of the training session will be split between you and Body Basics.
      All Body Basics trainers must have either completed or be actively enrolled in a personal training certification course, and demonstrate a deep understanding of and interest in health and fitness. 

      If you are interested please phone or text (403)596-3830 or send an email to, or stop by and talk to us in person (our hours are 5:30AM to 10PM Mon. to Thurs., 5:30AM to 9PM Friday, 9AM to 9PM Saturday, and 10AM to 6PM Sunday).

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